march 19, 2020

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement

Learn how professionals are finding motivation within despite all external factors that may affect both personal and professional relationship. Know how to enhance the attitude and strengthen the core values of your people for the edification of the entire company.

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Training your people to sharpen their professional skills is good, but how about their work attitude and values? This is not something you can just brush aside because it impacts, to a large extent, the continuing success of your business. The stark reality is that the way your employees deal with one another, with the management and the entire business in general especially when they are not noticed, can significantly affect your success or failure. This course aims to enhance the attitude and strengthen the core values of your people for the edification of the entire company.

This program is about professionals finding motivation within despite all external factors that may affect both personal and professional relationship.

It begins by searching for the most important question we must all answer – why? It then builds into self-awareness that will unlock the inner leader in oneself. This leads to ownership that ultimately sets up every individual for success, especially in achieving goals.

Ultimately, the course emphasizes that excellence relates to competency only as a baseline. The summit of one’s success relies on the “why”.

This directly translates to self-motivation that results in greater productivity of the individual and team, in reaching personal and corporate, company goals.


a. Why am I here?
b. Why is work important
c. Why is my role important

a. How I perceive myself
b. How I am perceived
c. How I want to be perceived

a. Does my boss lead my life?
b. Do I need to be a boss? (why I hate my boss)
c. Who is my real boss?

a. My goals for myself
b. My goals for role
c. My goals for the company

a. Setting my career path
b. Setting my own company
c. Setting my personal advocacy

Mr. Miguel Lindo, CFE
Franchise and Communications Director
BNI Philippines, Makati City

• Helped propel the growth of BNI Philippines by leading the Franchising Business and executing the Master Franchise Program as Franchise and Communications Director

• Drove the growth and success in the Innovative Financial Sustainability (INFINITY) Pilot Program as the Director of Franchising Population Services Pilipinas, Inc.

• Featured Speaker and Lecturer in various workshops and conferences; Supported the President & the Excom in formulating long-term and mid-term corporate strategic plans in the Analytics and Commercial Effectiveness Department of The Generics Pharmacy

• In-charge of managing all franchise operations through policy formulation and implementation, business process creation and improvement, and alignment of yearly programs to overall strategic directions as the Franchise Operations Manager of The Generics Pharmacy;

• Other Past Positions: 1.Business Development Manager GMI Global Exim Inc., Pasig City 2. Business Development Officer (OIC Franchising / Marketing OIC of Masagana Gas Corporations / FullSpeed Fuels, Inc.

Policies on Registration

1. To Avail of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, payment should be made no more than five (5) days after registration.

2. For the seminar fee to be refunded, cancellation should be made not less than four (4) days before the date of the workshop.

3. Certificates will be given only to those who have actually attended the seminar. Those who register and pay but will not attend the workshop will be given handouts but not certificates.

4. Powermax Consulting Group will take video footage and/or photos of the seminar which may or may not include your recognizable image. By participating in this event, you consent to your voice, name, image, and/or likeness being used without compensation, in any form or medium, as part of the recording of the event and for any other commercial purposes (including in advertising and promotional materials)

5. The materials for this seminar are protected. Any form of audio, video or image recording of the seminar or PowerPoint slides used by the speaker is strictly prohibited.

6. Only the handouts will be given by the speaker. He / she is not obliged to provide a copy of other training materials like the Powerpoint file.

7. Companies / Organizations / Individuals with business(es) competitive with the businesses of Powermax Consulting Group (i.e., seminars, training, consultancy, and the like) are not allowed to register unless with written consent by the management of Powermax. Full disclosure of business line in registration is required. If anyone registers without full disclosure, and it is discovered that his business or one of his businesses is competitive with that of Powermax, his registration will be forfeited.

8. The management of Powermax reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person who breaches these terms and conditions or deemed to be intoxicated or disorderly or under the influence of drugs.

9. The management of Powermax reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event because of unforeseen circumstances, fortuitous events, or any other unfavorable situations or conditions.

10. If the seminar is cancelled because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, Powermax will either refund the seminar fees paid by the participants / participating companies (but not the incidental costs such as transportation, plane tickets, hotel accommodation, per diem, and the like) or roll over the payment for other seminars of Powermax (provided that the seminar fee is the same or the difference will be rectified) depending on the preference of the participants / participating companies.

11. Upon reservation, your seat(s) will be reserved but there will be no seating arrangement. Preferred seats will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Customers reviews

What people say

Feeling FIVEbulous at the 5th Philippine Tax and Accounting Congress. This is my first time to attend Powermax Consulting Group Inc’s seminar with our Finance and Accounting Director, Mr. Jean Paul Gines. This will not also be possible without our big bosses, Sir V ad Ma’am Mona. Thank you for the opportunity.
Marjorie Magana
An excellent one! The host, venue and program are exceptional. The speakers are very competent. The topic they’ve discussed is really informative, timely and relevant for today’s issues. And the management is very generous enough to offer a lot of prizes which results to an active participation from the audience. I wouldn’t hesitate to share this experience to my colleagues. Thank you for giving us an amazing workshop!
Mary Grace Godong
This is my 6th time being trained by this Powermax consulting group. I have no knowledge about Human resources. After having 5 different training about HR with them, they are part of who I am right now with the help of my company SYPC who gave their undying support to me financially. Speakers were all well experienced. With Powermax I can say that I am confident HR Generalist.
Jonna Mallorca Oabel
One of the best event organizer where we learn more to be more. To the max powermax, I always look forward your Tax and accounting congress cause I know I will learn more and will reunite my former bosses who used to be your speakers. Continue to provide quality service and informative events.
Kerrielangela Kerrielanglo
My perception of attending seminars has been changed when I attended 5th Philippine Tax and Accounting Congress for the first time organized by Powermax Consulting Group, Inc. Great speakers were picked to tackle the topics relevant. Awesome prizes for some fun-filled moments while learning and amazing venue for such event. I will be much more willing to attend future events like this under Powermax and will be recommending to my colleagues and friends.
Precy Oro
Great speaker and timely topics specifically the Train Law Thank you powermax for enhancing our knowledge in terms of Philippine Tax and Accounting.
Zette Sebastian Montaya

How Improving Work Attitude Works

Learn how professionals are finding motivation within despite all external factors that may affect both personal and professional relationship. Know how to enhance the attitude and strengthen the core values of your people for the edification of the entire company.


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