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Enhance the attitude and skills of your people and see them become more productive. We offer the following high-impact seminars.

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Feeling FIVEbulous at the 5th Philippine Tax and Accounting Congress. This is my first time to attend Powermax Consulting Group Inc’s seminar with our Finance and Accounting Director, Mr. Jean Paul Gines. This will not also be possible without our big bosses, Sir V ad Ma’am Mona. Thank you for the opportunity.
Marjorie Magana
An excellent one! The host, venue and program are exceptional. The speakers are very competent. The topic they’ve discussed is really informative, timely and relevant for today’s issues. And the management is very generous enough to offer a lot of prizes which results to an active participation from the audience. I wouldn’t hesitate to share this experience to my colleagues. Thank you for giving us an amazing workshop!
Mary Grace Godong
This is my 6th time being trained by this Powermax consulting group. I have no knowledge about Human resources. After having 5 different training about HR with them, they are part of who I am right now with the help of my company SYPC who gave their undying support to me financially. Speakers were all well experienced. With Powermax I can say that I am confident HR Generalist.
Jonna Mallorca Oabel
One of the best event organizer where we learn more to be more. To the max powermax, I always look forward your Tax and accounting congress cause I know I will learn more and will reunite my former bosses who used to be your speakers. Continue to provide quality service and informative events.
Kerrielangela Kerrielanglo
My perception of attending seminars has been changed when I attended 5th Philippine Tax and Accounting Congress for the first time organized by Powermax Consulting Group, Inc. Great speakers were picked to tackle the topics relevant. Awesome prizes for some fun-filled moments while learning and amazing venue for such event. I will be much more willing to attend future events like this under Powermax and will be recommending to my colleagues and friends.
Precy Oro
Great speaker and timely topics specifically the Train Law Thank you powermax for enhancing our knowledge in terms of Philippine Tax and Accounting.
Zette Sebastian Montaya