Tax Seminar Philippines: Planning a Successful Event

by | February 15, 2019

How can you plan a successful event?

  1. Establish objectives
  2. Set a budget
  3. Finalize a venue
  4. Research speakers
  5. Search for sponsors
  6. Advertise and promote your event


Starting your own seminar is no easy feat. There are thousands of different factors for executing a successful event. Whether it’s accounting, management, or tax seminars in the Philippines, if you want to start your own successful event, know that it is possible to achieve such an endeavor. Just follow these steps to plan a successful event:


Establish Objectives

Planning a successful event begins with a clear cut concept. Everything must be put down in writing. Be as realistic as possible when setting your goals and objectives. A quick tip to establishing realistic goals is to align them with how many people you expect to attend.

That way, you can lay everything out; speakers you plan to hire, size of the location, how much you should spend on catering, table arrangements, and your budget. After conceptualizing every detail of your event, you should then have a clear understanding of your profit goals.


Set a Budget

Now that you have everything planned out, the next thing you should do is to put together a rough budget. That means you at least have an idea of how much your event will cost plus a few allowances for an emergency. Then you can start setting your ticket prices. This will determine your monetary return.

If you have no idea how to price your tickets or fix your budget, you could borrow similar figures from someone who has once held a successful event. You could even ask advice from motivational speaker events or those who have held tax seminars in the Philippines.


Finalize a Venue

Since you have already drawn a rough concept of your event and determined how many people you expect to attend, you can now identify the maximum capacity of your event venue. You can start looking for venues that can accommodate the number of your participants.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have many attendees don’t rent out a venue that is too large. Likewise, if you have many attendees, look for a place where everyone can fit. When scouting for a venue, ask each prospect if they have Wi-Fi and the proper infrastructure to properly execute your events plans. Finally, make sure that your venue is easy to locate and unproblematic for everyone to get to. A convenient location will always be great for all your participants.


Research Speakers

Ideally, you would want to look for speakers who have experience in the same field or those who have presented at similar seminars. Start by searching for your favorable speakers and if they have videos of their talks online, you could watch them and create a list of those you want to speak for your event.

If you want to send out a proposal to the speakers, make sure that you cover every detail. Give them the date of your event, compensation, what the event will be about and how long they should present. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them via e-mail, SMS, or through a call.


Search for Sponsors

You’re going to need as much assistance as you can get. This is the reason why many events reach out to as for sponsors. The first thing you need to do when you want to search for sponsors is to determine and what exactly you need from them and how they will benefit from you.

Typically, sponsors would want more exposure and the chance to advertise their brand or products. Of course, this is easier said than done. You need to research for potential sponsors who have partnered with other similar events or brands who are targeting a similar audience. Once you have a list of prospects, create a presentation and proposal for them. Compile your list and send each presentation accordingly.


Advertise and Promote Your Event

Advertise and Promote Your Event

Marketing is a critical and one of the most challenging stages of setting up an event. Majority of the participants who will attend will depend on your marketing efforts.

You can incorporate your promotion into your social media and send out emails. You could even create a Facebook Event to draw more people and to know how much people are actually willing to attend. Don’t forget to create promotional content for your event and ask people you know to spread the word.

To maximize your event promotion, you should focus on both online and offline advertising. Handing out flyers, handbills, and word of mouth would be the most effective ways to advertise your event without the use of the Internet.


Key Takeaway

It isn’t that simple to start your own event but it’s always possible for you to execute a successful one. From simple seminars to grand product launches, there are many ways to plan a successful event. You can follow these simple tips in order to successfully plan out and get things right for a fruitful event that all your participants will enjoy.

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