What to Expect from a Tax Seminar in the Philippines

by jon | January 10, 2019

What can you expect from a tax seminar in the Philippines?

  1. Engaging presentations
  2. Learn the basics
  3. Understanding the BIR forms
  4. Learn about Value Added Tax and other business and personal taxes
  5. Be conscious of the different tax deduction measures
  6. The latest tax news


It’s not easy to learn every aspect of tax on your own. Sometimes, online courses and lessons won’t suffice, they may leave you confused and wondering what the other terms are about. Tax seminars in the Philippines are a good way to get a grasp on tax, taxation, and the tax code. After a tax seminar, you can gain a greater understanding of what is discussed in the tax congress of the Philippines. With that being said, here are the things that you can expect when you join a tax seminar:


Engaging Presentations

The success of any seminar rests in the hands of the presenter. No matter what the topic is, a top-notch instructor can always keep things interesting. You can expect tax seminars in the Philippines to be engaging and interactive. Qualified instructors know that tax courses are complex and contain very fine details. It’s easy to simply explain the tax code in a classroom-type session and read through all the details while the audience takes down notes. But this kind of teaching style portrays no sense of leadership. It will leave the audience bored and uninterested.

Tax seminar instructors avoid being monotonous. They constantly engage themselves with the audience and constantly find ways to capture their interests. It’s easier said than done. You’ll know if a presenter is good when he/she continuously tries to adapt to their audience. Constantly finding ways to teach and explain in ways where the audience will retain the terms, notions, and complex details. A good presenter will always capture the minds of their spectators. There’s no better way to learn than to be taught by a great teacher.


Learn the Basics

Learn the Basics

There’s no better way to start than to learn the basics. Tax seminars will provide you with the required foundational knowledge about the realm of taxes, taxation, and the tax system. You can expect to receive knowledge about everything you need to know about taxes; you will never miss out on anything.

Usually, these courses will teach you about the definition and purpose of taxes, types of taxes, compensation, withholding tax expanded, final tax, percentage tax, value-added tax, BIR forms, invoices. These are but a few things that you can expect to learn.


Understand BIR Forms

Learning about the several confusing forms available at the Bureau of Internal Revenue offices is one of the important topics you can expect to learn at tax seminars in the Philippines. This is an essential topic to dive into because of its perplex and often puzzling nature.

Tax forms are usually identified via their code. For example, sales tax forms for VAT registration are identified as 2550M, while a sales tax form for a non-VAT entity is tagged as 2551. These forms could look similar but one number in their code changes the whole purpose of the form. It’s vital to familiarize yourself with the BIR forms in order to avoid potential mishaps.


Learn About Value Added Tax and Other Business and Personal Taxes

Learn About Value Added Tax and Other Business and Personal Taxes

Learning about direct tax and indirect tax seems elementary for those experienced in the field. For beginners, it’s part of the basics. Individuals who want to start a business need to know about these as well. This topic will never be left out. There’s more to these basic types of tax than most think.

Business owners may need to know about flat rate VAT scheme, cash accounting scheme, and annual accounting scheme; all of which are regularly discussed in workshops and seminars. Those without any knowledge on direct and indirect tax can expect to leave the session with the essential knowledge.


Be Conscious of the Different Tax Deduction Measures

It’s important to know where your money goes when monetary deductions are made. Whether it’s from your salary or any type of expense, it’s a mystery for many why, how, and when these are deducted. If you don’t know the purpose of these deductions, then tax seminars will provide you with a full-coverage discussion on this topic. You may never know when changes are made. In the Philippines, tax congress discussions are not common with most individuals, leaving this topic unknown to many. Business owners will benefit from these sessions on claiming tax deductions because reducing your taxable income will be covered by these seminars.


The Latest Tax News

The factors that dictate the changes in our taxes usually go unnoticed until we realize the changes in consumer product prices, our pay slips, and VAT. Tax seminars will tackle the specifics of the different tax changes that were made and as well as the details of amended tax codes. You will learn how these updates will benefit employees, businesses, and uplift the lives of workers.


Key Takeaway

There is a lot more to expect from tax seminars in the Philippines; these are but a few key points that you can anticipate. In general, you’ll learn about every fundamental component in the world of taxes. The day will be meticulously scheduled and you will have more than enough time to learn all the fine details about the courses and lessons. Attending workshops and seminars is always a good way to learn.

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