How Employers Can Engage with Employees

by | March 4, 2019

How can employers engage with their employees effectively?

  1. Know what motivates your staff
  2. Coach your employees for success
  3. Be fair and respect them
  4. Listen to them


One of the most widely talked about topics in the HR summit in the Philippines is employee-employer engagement. It is vital for keeping everyone in a company’s workforce motivated and satisfied with not just their job but their work environment as well. If an employer maintains a healthy working relationship with their employees, it diminishes that fleeting feeling of working like a machine. It adds a human touch in the workplace.

Eliminating a certain notion of fear and intimidation for employees regarding their bosses is one way to induce proper communication and transparency in the workplace. Employees will raise concerns, constantly make suggestions, and be honest in discussions when they know that they can trust and reach out to their employers. With proper employee-employer engagement, the office atmosphere will drastically improve and you might be surprised that the individual performance of your employees will rise as well.


Know What Motivates Your Staff

One of the best ways to properly engage with your employees is to know what motivates them. You can get to know them individually but usually, there will be different groups of friends within a certain department or team. They will all share something in common, take note of those. Try to get to know what they like and respect their hobbies and interests. Getting to know what motivates them to work can be key to improving your employee’s performance.

Understanding what motivates your staff and team members will let them know that you respect them. This will give them the impression of being a valued member of the company. If you were in the shoes of your employees, knowing that you are an integral part of the organization will make you confident in your job and will likely strive to improve and do better in your tasks.


Coach Your Employees for Success

Coach Your Employees for Success

Coaching your employees to not only strive but success in his/her line of work doesn’t always have to involve providing personal talks to each of your employees. You could give them constant feedback. As discussed in HR conferences in the Philippines, positive feedback should be given to your employees right away. This helps encourage them to work optimally. Never ever forget to say “thank you!” to your employees who have done exceptional jobs.

Much like giving positive feedback almost instantaneously, giving negative feedback should be done as soon as possible as well. This lets them the chance to correct their wrongdoings or mistakes right away. When giving negative feedback, don’t be too harsh on them. Help them by providing your own solutions for tackling problems. Show them that there’s always a way to fix something.


Be Fair and Respect Them

Being fair and respecting all your employees equally will help create a supportive environment in the workplace. Never rest your weight or strong hand any of your employees with the power of your position. Always use your experience, wisdom, and judgment when problems arise. Never point your finger on anyone without proper examination of the situation.

This is always stressed out in HR conferences in the Philippines, bosses are human and they make mistakes as well. If you make a mistake, admit and apologize right away. This will let your employees relate to you. They will get to see you in a much more personal light. Being fair and respecting your team will help develop an environment of trust, and you will receive the same amount of respect as well.


Listen to Them

You can’t just be the only one in the office who is allowed to give feedback. If your employees have something to say, never fail to lend an ear. If you don’t have enough time to listen to what they have to say during a certain situation, let them know that you’ll get back to them. A leader who knows how to listen is one who knows how to lead.

It’s important to listen to direct employee feedback, these could help you target problems that truly matter. In fact, employee feedback can help you shed some light about broken parts of your company’s culture.


Key Takeaway

There are many ways in order to help induce a better working environment for your company. As an employer, it’s best to take a dive and immerse yourself into the cultures of your workplace. Employees who see their bosses trying to get to know them more can help motivate them with work and enjoy the environment.

Topics on employer-employee engagement have been widely talked about in HR summits in the Philippines. The best leaders out there are those who truly know the workforce and their workers like the back of their hand.

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