Employees GAHNOD: Gross And Habitual Neglect Of Duty 

The Supreme Court has upheld, in a good number of cases, the employers’ right to dismiss employees who are habitually, notoriously, and grossly lazy, inept, reckless, uncaring and extremely careless to the extent of causing damage to their employers’ properties and even death to third persons. 

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Loss of Trust and Confidence on Employees

The Supreme Court keeps on repeating this fundamental truth: The relationship between employers and employees is based on trust. Once the trust is violated and the confidence is lost, then that relationship can not remain viable. It must be broken with the blessings of the law. That rupture is called dismissal or termination

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“Discountitis” is fast spreading like a virus among salespeople. It is a sickening condition which renders a sales agent unable to secure orders at the normal price. At the slightest hint of price objection, the sales representative will immediately discard his ace right under his sleeves — discounts. 

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How to Stay Positive During Negative Times

In the face of a serious crisis like this COVID malady, we have two options really: one is to join the multitude of prophets of doom, gloom, and purveyors of bashing and destructive criticisms, or to choose to focus on the many positive things emerging these days.

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